Proposals of Theses Topics

  1. Blockchain in distributed systems - algorithms and security
  2. Blockchain technology use cases - comparison of advantages and disadvantages of various approaches
  3. Cryptocurrency systems - security issues of different approaches
  4. Solidity as a programming language for creating applications based on smart contracts
  5. Smart contract programming languages - comparison and use cases
  6. Blockchain-based shipment tracking system
  7. Blockchain-based insurance system
  8. Blockchain application for healthcare data management
  9. Blockchain-based smart home application for automation and remote control
  10. Token-based blockchain system for digital assests managment
  11. System for conducting diploma examinations

M.Eng. Students

  • 2022 Krzysztof Jachym

    Digital-contracting system based on blockchain technology

  • 2022 Grzegorz Porwoł

    Decentralized systems and smart contracts based on Ethereum

  • 2021 Maciej Mazur-Frączek

    Studying the effectiveness of Cross-Site Scripting attacks for selected web application technologies

  • 2021 Mariusz Bal

    Development of mobile applications for the Android OS - analysis of possible approaches from the security point of view

  • 2021 Piotr Nowakowski

    Modern frontend technologies for creating web applications - analysis and comparison from the developers point of view

  • 2021 Łukasz Majcher

    IT project management methodologies - planning, popularity, in oganizations and certification

  • 2021 Piotr Rybski

    Comparative analysis of modern CI/CD platforms concerning intuitiveness and efficiency

B.Eng. Students

  • 2022 Sebastian Obora

    Web application for managing tasks in team, thesis consultant: Piotr Szuster B.Eng, M.Eng

  • 2022 Cezary Cieślak

    Blockchain-based e-voting system

  • 2022 Błażej Zieliński

    Blockchain identity management system

  • 2021 Tomasz Cichociński

    Developing server applications in Elixir language based on GraphQL communication technology, thesis consultant: Adrian Widłak B.Eng, M.Eng

  • 2021 Mikołaj Matuszny

    Raspberry PI microcomputers-based air quality monitoring system

  • 2021 Maciej Kalafar

    System for tracking and managing users workouts and diets, thesis consultant: Adrian Widłak B.Eng, M.Eng

  • 2021 Michał Florczak

    Mobile application for mapping routes to hiking trails in Zawoja

  • 2021 Patryk Gajewski

    Theses topics booking system

  • 2021 Mateusz Dusik

    Backend of system for generating timetables taking into account the preferences of end users

  • 2021 Tomasz Fitał

    Frontend of system for generating timetables taking into account the preferences of end users

  • 2021 Gabriela Frączek

    Booxed - web application for book readers