Short Analysis of Implementation and Resource Utilization for the Openstack Cloud Computing Platform

D. Grzonka, M. Szczygieł, A. Bernasiewicz, A. Wilczyński, M. Liszka
29th European Conference on Modelling and Simulation, May 26th – 29th, Albena (Varna), Bulgaria, 2015, 608-614

The problem of efficient use of computer resources is the actual challenge for many years. Huge progress in the hardware development has left behind the development of software techniques. One of the most popular solutions for this problem is the idea of virtualization, which a natural continuation is cloud computing. Cloud computing is an innovative concept, where the resources are virtualized, dynamically extended and provided as highly personalized services. In this paper, we present a short analysis of open-source cloud technology – OpenStack. We described OpenStack architecture, requirements, setup process, and related problems. We also conducted a thorough analysis of resource utility – both at full load and without. In our experiments we have analyzed the performance depending on the allocation of virtual resources. Through our work we pointed out aspects which deserve attention by choosing an OpenStack platform. Additionally, we draw attention to the burden on the use of technologies such as OpenStack cloud.


Over the decades, the rapid development of broadly defined computer technologies is observed. In the 60s of the twentieth century, when the first integrated circuit (IC) has been developed the revolution in the computer hardware started. The advancement of microelectronic technology resulted in increase of number of transistors placed on microprocessors. Regularity in the development of digital technology was discovered in 1965 by co-founder of Intel Corporation – Gordon Moore. In 1975, Moore formulated statement, named the Moore’s law, concerned the rate of density doubling. He observed that “circuit density-doubling would occur over 24 month”. The statement has been generalized for many IT areas like size of RAM and HDD or bandwidth of computer networks. The most popular example is the increase of the number of transistors on integrated circuits…


The main aim of this research was to present overview and perform resources analysis of the OpenStack cloud computing software platform. In our paper, we put emphasis on the problems that are meet by a new user and familiarized the installation method of the environment…