Security Aspects in Blockchain-based Scheduling in Mobile Multi-cloud Computing

A. Wilczyński, J. Kołodziej, D. Grzonka
IEEE/ACM 21st International Symposium on Cluster, Cloud and Internet Computing (CCGrid), May 10-13, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 2021, 696-703

The intensive development and growth in the pop- ularity of mobile cloud computing services bring a critical need to introduce new solutions that increase the level of cloud and users security. One of the critical issues in highly distributed computational systems is a task scheduling process. This process may be exposed to many external and internal security threats, like task injection, machine failure or generation of incorrect schedule. These problems are especially important in mobile environments. It can be even more complicated if we take into consideration the personalization of the services offered. Recently, blockchain has been gaining rapidly in popularity, combining high efficiency with applications in distributed and highly personalized computational environments. In this paper, we developed and described a novel model for security-aware task scheduling in cloud computing based on blockchain technology. Unlike other blockchain-based solutions, the proposed model uses Proof of Stake, which does not have high requirements for computing power. A series of conducted experiments confirmed the high efficiency of the proposed model.